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CASIO rap from Cornwall, UK

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Hello - thanks for looking us up! We're hedluv + passman and we're rappers. From Cornwall.

Do you like the sound of that? Maybe? In truth we have found it a hard sell. A lot of the time we don't get the gig. But then sometimes we do get the gig. And what happens then? Well... we always get asked back.

If you don't know Cornwall it's the county at the south-westernmost tip of the UK. Looks a bit like Italy. I think. And it's a beautiful place. Beaches and grass and stuff. But it's also officially the 'poorest' area of the UK on economic output - but that could have something to do with us.

A lot of our music is very particular to life in Cornwall; what we're eating, what we're doing down 'ere, the names of some of the roads - you know - just staying true to the laws of hip-hop.

You might not be familiar with the small town that we're referencing, but I've never let the fact that I don't know what anyone's going on about spoil my enjoyment of rap music. 

You'll feel the vibes.


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"strenuously silly" - The Telegraph

"brilliantly fun take on provincial life" - The Times

"high energy, quirky and proud of their geographic roots" - Chortle

"hilarious" - The West Briton

"a great party show" - The Guardian

Edinburgh Fringe Sell Out 2014 / The Times Hot List Nov 2014

"drop everything" - Rhys Darby

"go and see them" - Alan Davies

"still laughing" - Bec Hill

"blew us away!" - Shaun Keaveny

"Nice one for the follow" - Dizzee Rascal